To Tan Sri Khalid, Khalid Samad & Rodziah

Hi. My name is Isaac. I’m an Indian. I’m a Christian. I’m also a resident in Section 23. I would like to say a few words regarding this issue, if I may. I read somewhere that states that ‘there was no Chinese tionghua at the said dialogue ‘…I beg to differ because my friend, who is Chinese, went to the meeting and so does a few other Chinese who oppose to the relocation of the said temple.

As for me, I admire the courage of my Malay neighbours who stands up for their rights as well as the Indians who stood their ground & request to have a temple that is close to their house. If the state government would offer to build a church of my belief, I’d jump for joy as well.

However, after much deliberation, a few of the neighbours of the Buddhism faith & Christianity (including yours truly) decided not to attend the said dialogue not because we are afraid to or were intimidated as suggested by certain quarters but out of respect to both parties involved in this dispute, i.e. the Malays and the Indians of Section 23, Shah Alam. Neither the Indians nor the Malays of Section 23 requested for the said temple to be relocated here but now they are at opposing side just because the state government deemed that Section 23 is ‘a strategic place’ for the relocation and somehow managed to ‘skipped certain requirements needed’ for the said relocation. After being pressured by the residents and ngo’s and receiving a letter from the Ruler of Selangor (aired by tv3 if I’m not mistaken) only then the state government succumbs & decided to hold an open dialogue with the residents. Alas, by then, the damage was severe and as they say, ‘all hell broke loose’. No pun intended.

My personal opinion is that, this issue could have been handled differently & wisely from the beginning from the yang berhormats’ namely, yb Rodziah & yb Khalid. However, they played ‘a cat & mouse game’ with the residents particularly with the Malays (not to mention lying to the residents on more than one occasion) and ‘sweet coated’ their talk with the Indians and the head priest of the said temple.

After a few months, this issue has taken a new turn and erupted & snowballed into the infamous demonstration by the Malays due to the lack of effort from both the yang berhomats’.

My wish is that outsiders do not view this issue from the political point of view nor the religious point of view because we, the residents of Section 23 are getting along beautifully with each other regardless of gender, race or religion. To the yang berhormats, please ensure that your duty to the public is upheld above your personal interest or political agenda. Also, stop seeing every little issue as a ‘political issue’ which clearly shows how mature our politicians and their followers are. No pun intended here either. Thank you.


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